Gant Travel News 10/8/10

Oneworld Expands Service:  American, British Airways, and Iberia’s announcement this week of four new routes that the carriers will add by April.  Their trans-Atlantic operations will operate as a single carrier between North America and Europe offering business traveler’s new routes and added flights.  Read more

 On  Air Service:  With all the airlines seemingly focused on service, one would think that the number of complaints would continue in a downward trend.  Unfortunately, through September 30th, 2010 the Department of Transportation received a whopping 8,797 complaints; that’s a 32% jump from 2009 when there were only 6,676 complaints.  They’re blaming weather.  Travel Managers might consider an internal survey to see if your travelers are experiencing better service from the carriers they fly, especially if you have a contract pending.

 It all adds up: USA Today is reporting some airlines ancillary fees are up 50% over last year.  The analysis compared 13 U.S. airlines’ fees today with those in effect in June 2009.  It is reported that U.S. airlines brought in $2.1 billion in ancillary revenue during 2Q10.

 Know before you go:  Check out these latest airline fees:

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